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Privacy Notice

We take the protection of your privacy. The information you provide will not be given or sold to any third parties, unless the shipping company to deliver your order. We can disclose your address and phone number with the shipping company. We are at your disposal, and is only used to send information about your order. Your e-mail address will only be used to give you an order confirmation and tracking number. Your phone number is used to allow you to attend the sessions in case of a problem or delivery contact.


Standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on our website all pages that require personal information. This encryption for data transmission technology, protect your name, address and credit card number.

We are committed to support the development of the relevant laws and regulations of clear criteria, collection, collection, storage and use of personal information that we receive in our business operations.

We provide our customers to preserve the privacy of their personal data is crucial. Our policies and procedures ensure that all personal information no matter how it was done, or where clever handling, security, and in accordance with the appropriate privacy guidelines.

This Privacy Policy specifies:

What you need to gather about the information we know about you
Our policy for personal information management
Under normal circumstances, we believe that what information for what purpose and how we collect, use, and share this information

What personal information we collect and store?

So we can provide services to you, we can ask you to provide personal information such as name, address, telephone number or email address. Where can we need, some examples of these details are pre-orders, home delivery, promotional activities.

Privacy laws, we can only do personal data from you if it is reasonable and practical to do so.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal information is subject to unauthorized access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration. We also take action to destroy or permanently cease when personal data, it is no longer necessary. Type with the information we take action, and how it is collected and stored.

Under normal circumstances, you have no obligation to provide the information that we have requested. If you do not provide the information requested, we may not be able to provide goods and services that will depend on this information to your collection, especially if the information is in accordance with the provisions of the law collection.

How to use personal information?

Personal information we need is often used to provide goods or services. For example, for credit card transactions, we need your card number. If possible, we try to ensure that our disclosure of information on the nature of how other organizations do not identify the person.

Access your personal data

We will provide you with access to each of us who believe that your personal data (privacy only under legally recognized limited circumstances). When you access your personal information, log in to your account with us to register. If you need to update your information (for example, if you need to change your address), please change your "account information".